Birch Contemporary

Sean Ross Stewart: Mother's Foundry

We are delighted to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Sean Ross StewartMother's Foundry is fuelled by Stewart's ongoing fascination with the material and aesthetics of post-industrial landscape and the natural growth that persists within it; a fascination that can be credited in part to his upbringing in the industrial town of Hamilton, Ontario. For the exhibition, Stewart brings together weathered steel and found material alongside earth, flora, charcoal and oil paint. Across sculpture, painting and drawing, each work in the exhibition is individual, but as a whole Mother’s Foundry has the feeling of a staged landscape tableau, in which it is unclear whether nature is beginning to reclaim industry, or whether industry has petrified natural forms in its path.The exhibition is accompanied by a short story by Veronika Ivanova entitled ‘SMELL OF OPEN WATER’.