Birch Contemporary

Soon Comes Night: Steven Beckly, Martin Bennett, Sarah Sands Phillips


Works in the exhibition

Soon Comes Night explores images as an unfixed entity – between light and dark, abstract and representational, constructed and incidental. Painterly and photographic processes of abstraction, erasure and physical manipulation reveal alternative ways for imagery to surface over time, encouraging a prolonged act of looking and contemplation of duration. The title of the exhibition is inspired by a common engraving on sundials - in Latin ‘Mox Nox’ or ‘Soon Night’ - which reflects the work’s sense of time, and its hinging between definitive states.

Soon Comes Night includes previously unseen paintings by Martin Bennett (Saskatoon), new and existing works on paper and video by Sarah Sands Phillips (Toronto) and new works by Steven Beckly (Toronto).

Curated by Rebecca Travis

Sarah Sands Phillips appears courtesy of General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto