Birch Contemporary

Balint Zsako: Blood Orange


Works in the exhibition

We are very pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works by New York-based artist Balint Zsako

"Blood Orange is a series of paintings that examine questions of control and self-determination. With these works I want to look at these complicated contemporary issues through the representation of converging bodies.

The large watercolor paintings on paper depict groupings of figures that interact and intersect. Rendered in everything from bright hues to gray monochromes the figures change color or density in the areas where they overlap. There are perfectly lined up eyes, heads, hands and feet raising the question of whether the figures are synchronized in their action or struggle for control. Either way, the areas that the characters share is a new form that none of them truly owns. While the paintings depict open ended narratives, the colors of the bodies and the way they overlap refer to both the conflict and the unity inherent in struggles for identity and agency."

- Balint Zsako