Birch Contemporary

Gallery Artist Group Show: 27.5


Works in the exhibition

We're pleased to announce a gallery artist group show with a twist. This February marks 27 1/2 years that Robert Birch has been presenting and selling contemporary art, and since not marking the 25th anniversary 2.5 years ago and not wanting to wait another 2.5 until the 30th anniversary, we have decided to celebrate now with a diverse group show of works dating from 1989-2009. During the February doldrums, a 27.5% discount* will be available on any works still in inventory from the first 20 years, BUT only to patrons who have previously purchased artworks from the gallery. Time to celebrate the clients who have been such great supporters for so long!

Featured artists include: Cathy Daley, Martin Golland, Toni Hafkenscheid, Micah Lexier, James Nizam, Louise Noguchi, Andy Patton, Ed Pien, Nicholas and Sheila Pye, Kelly Richardson, Mitch Robertson, Richard Storms, Renee Van Halm and Janet Werner

The Fine Print

*Discount only applies to works dated between 1989-2009

*Credit card payments subject to a 4% administration surcharge

*Discount only offered to gallery patrons who have purchased a work in the past; not applicable to new clients

*No discounts on framing or delivery

*Discount offer ends with the closing date of the exhibition; March 18, 2017. All sales final; no returns or exchanges.

*There will NOT be a 30% discount offered during the 30th Anniversary