Birch Contemporary

Louise Noguchi: Searchers

In Louise Noguchi’s new solo exhibition, simple marshmallow sculptures--the kind that children make, were created by her friends and then interpreted into large scale drawings. The work is a humorous form of portraiture between the subject that makes the form and the artist who draws it.

In the film Searchers, Noguchi is seen with a cast of tumbleweeds at the edge of a snowy suburban landscape. These tumbleweeds often get stuck in plants, rocks, and artificial structures that prevent them from moving on. Noguchi is there to help them along their journey, to dislodge them from the obstacles that obstruct them, as they make their way across this cold, unfamiliar terrain.

In both the drawings and video, Noguchi collaborates with people and objects to create work that touches on ideas of futility, determination, and hope.