Birch Contemporary

Nicholas Pye & Sheila Pye: Unspoiled

In a few years, when I've forgotten you, and when other stories like yours...rise to the surface, I'll remember you the way I would remember the forgetting of love itself. I'll think of this story as I would the horror of forgetting. - Hiroshima mon amour

The gallery is pleased to present a new video projection by Nicholas Pye in the front gallery space and a new collaborative series of photographs by Nicholas & Sheila Pye in the second gallery space. Unspoiled is body of work that evolved out of a desire to 'perform' our shared personal bond using nature and landscape as territory. Open spaces, air, trees, and water, in the words of Marshall McLuhan 'the formative landscape', became a place where an interior landscape became an exterior landscape. Intangible, elusive connections became articulated through then lens by conceptualizing and performing this body, (our bodies) of work together. An abandoned house that may promise redemption, a drowning man, a power struggle; all of these became reflections on love lost and then transformed. Trees and water become important characters in this dramaturgical experiment. They were there, and will continue to be, long after this human relationship, and this provokes a reflection on the fleeting nature of human connection's, time, existence and the significance of partnership and individuality.